Monday, August 17, 2009

I really should write...

I really should write about my trip... I left all those teaser entries that are still blank. I'm sorry! At least no one actually reads this, so no one out there is actually disappointed in not yet hearing about all the knitting excitement south of the border. Note that I use "yet". Oh yes, I'm am surely gong to write those entries someday.

For now all I have is a brief acknowledgement of my insatiable and irrational knitting lust. The new issue of Twist Collective is out. Though I have more knitting projects than I will ever finish on my needles and far more patterns and books and magazines in my collection that even a dedicated team of Kninjas could finish in two decades, I have just purchased two more cardigan patterns.

I love Ysolda's Vine Yoke Cardigan, which is made side-to-side seamlessly. It is worsted, and I have many sweater's-worth-of-yarn bags of worsted to use up in dark colors that would be better for lace than for cables. I wonder if the sideways construction would make it difficult to tailor to my big boobs...

I also bought the pattern for Gudrun Johnston's Audrey cardigan. It's sweet, simple, and also seamless. This cardigan is knit in one piece to the armholes, and then the shaped set-in sleeves are picked up and knit down. I'm really interested in trying this type of construction. I think I'll love it. It seems to me from the gauge info that it uses a DK weight yarn, and I have a lovely wool DK that I bought for cheap in San Cristobal, MX in a nice deep red color.
Projects!!! Hope springs eternal. :)

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