Friday, August 10, 2012


Wow, we've been doing a lot! I'll try to recap the past few weeks by concluding our time on the farm, revisiting Valparaiso for a moment, and recounting some ski adventures in Chillan and Pucon.

The farm:

Rather than complain, I'd like to say some things about what I'd hoped for from our WWOOF experience. I love the idea of people choosing to live a simple life in harmony with the land, creating harmony between people, and searching for better alternatives to our lifestyle of industrial consumption. World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming connects volunteers to organic farms all over the world where you can exchange labor for room and board. Ideally, you are contributing to a community, supporting a beautiful effort, learning, and sharing. When I volunteered in Mexico at Bosque Village it was so much fun -- like summer camp for adults. I ended up feeling a deep connection to that place, and also met great people from all different places.

There were some highlights at El Fundo. We went for a nice hike in the hills.

That's Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America.

There were horses roaming free in the forest.
They also had sheep.

The last picture shows the llama, though she's hard to see. Kurt did not fully understand the importance of getting clear pictures of the woolly animals. These buddies make wool for the wealthy, absentee doyenne of the estate, who apparently knits.
Hasta la vista, El Grillo.

Do you remember beautiful, decrepit Valparaiso?

Kurt also went over to Vina del Mar one day while I worked.

We tasted some organic champagne.

And to include something knitterly...

A tiny herd of street sheep!

Ok, skiing in the next post...


ZanneQ said...

Love seeing all the pics - keep sharing!

Miss you!


Cory Ellen Boberg said...

Waah adorable tiny street sheep! Looks like you're having quite an adventure - and of course it's imperative to get pictures of all the woolies. I'm also pretty in love with that orange/yellow house in Valparaiso - is it a house? Hotel? Restaurant? Either way: totally charming.

Can't wait to catch up when you're back!

Turbo said...

Hi! Miss you guys! Corey, I'd been seeing that orange house from all over Valpo, and we finally found it on our last day. It's a little hotel and a restaurant. Amazing setting! Too bad we found it just after having lunch at another place up the hill more. Perhaps I'll come back, or maybe you'll go there one day. :)