Thursday, August 25, 2016

Winslow Hunter

I made more matching separates in chambray.  The top is Jennifer Lauren Vintage's Hunter Tank.  I compared it to my sloper to figure out my size, and then I made an FBA to accommodate my large lady lumps.  I also shortened it quite a lot to hit at my waist, and I brought the waist in by several inches as well.  On both pieces I used the wrong side of the chambray for trim, like the set in my last post. 

The culottes are the Winslow pattern.  When Helen announced this pattern I just kept opening her blog again and again to look at it.  So I signed up to be a tester.  Yeah, I tested this pattern!  It was really fun because I really waned to make it.  I wouldn't have minded paying for it, but I didn't want to wait!  It was hard to decide which version to make, but I decided to test the shorts version first simply because they would take less fabric. With pants, I'm finding that I need to wear them around a bit before I can assess the fit.

 Accessories:  my big, silly sun hat!  The whole purpose of my summer wardrobe is to coordinate with giant sun hats.  I also wore my favorite wood and metal bangle and some woven earrings from Mexico.  And of course I had Saltwaters on my feet -- such versatile and practical shoes, especially for sailing.
Here's my cutting layout.  I knew I wanted to use the selvage as my hem, so I cut it in a single layer and overlapped the pieces at the crotch by the amount of the seam allowances to save a little fabric. I extended my pocket piece into the waist.  I also took some height off the top of the center front and added quite a bit to the crotch extension on the back.  You can also see that I made them shorter.  
 Here's another one of my Maria of Denmark Kimono Sleeve Ts, modified as always.  I bought the jersey with my dear friend Leah out on Bainbridge Island.  It makes a nice outfit with my culottes, too. 
Here's another little top I brought along on my weekend.  It's a wearable muslin for an idea I had.  Everyone seems to be sewing up those cute, sweet off the shoulder ruffle tops.  I can't wear off the shoulder things because I need a bra with straps, but I love the look of the ruffle.  I just made my ruffle so it sits on my shoulders.

Here are the earrings I'm wearing with it, also from Mexico. 
These pictures were taken on 4th of July weekend up at Roche Harbor.  It was my first time going there. What a sweet place!  There's a big marina, and old hotel, restaurant, bar with live music, a little store, and some rental cabins.I went up on my friends' sailboat.

On the dock you can by fresh caught seafood.  I had no idea that the local, fresh prawns were so sweet!  They tasted as good s crab... until a neighboring boat gave us a crab they'd just brought in. Yum!!!!
There's also a lovely sculpture park.  It's about 20 acres, as I recall, with about 200 sculptures.

One of my favorite installations in the sculpture park was a poetry path.  Here are a few of the poems.

And here's a couple shots of our return to Seattle by sea plane.  It was a delightful weekend!


Lynsey Jane said...

I love your Hunter Winslow combo and think they look great together, the other tops look fab too.

Turbo said...

Thanks, Lynsey! I really appreciate the compliment. :)