Thursday, October 15, 2009

Burning sweaters

What can you do with yarn at Burning Man?
You can wear fantastical yarn dreads, thanks to the work of your wonderful and patient little sister. Thanks, Bree! Yarn-head was actually a very popular style out there.

I also got as far as you see on Wendy Bernard's "Favorite Cardigan", which I've lengthened in the body and sleeves. I've since finished the knitting and am looking for toggle buttons for it.
Sadly you only get to see aftermath pictures because the dust destroyed my camera in the desert.

And yeah, I know that Burning Man happened a month and a half ago. Ahh, well... no, I have no excuses. But here, I've written this tiny blurb about it now, so there we go.

(Finished pics of the sweater here)

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