Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm back :)

I'm back!  I mean that in two respects -- back from Chile (for awhile) and back on this blog (finally!).

Naughty blogger that I am, I've let lots of life and lots of knitting happen without finishing the story of my trip to Chile.   I went to Knit Fit out in Ballard and saw some of the Purly Girls there.  Every one was so nice, and I realized... whoa, people do read my blog.  I'd better be a better blogger! 

I promise to finish telling all about my trip to Chile.  I'll start... tomorrow.

Knit Fit was great.  The first day I hung out with Sooz all day, and the second day I took a class from Jennifer Hagan.  She blogs about it here. It was a really good class.  I learned a lot and met wonderful people.  Now I really want to make the Sherrod sweater.

I also met Anne Weaver.  She was wonderful and friendly.   I really admire her style and her designs.  Her look is really graphic and modern, which I find refreshing in hand knits.  She let me wear her Doubloon shawl around while she was teaching.  It was soft and beautiful, and I actually think the color is good for me.  It's a design from her new book, White Whale II,which I bought and she signed.  So fun!

In other fiber news, I recently when to an exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum. 
My friend Luke Haynes showed a collection of pieces.  It's my first time seeing his work, and he's awesome!!  Luke, buddy, you rock!  I should have taken better notes on the names of these pieces, but I'm sure Luke will happily answer any questions if you contact him through his website.

These are some other works I liked.  I took pictures of the artist statement to credit the artists.

These baskets were gorgeous.

These quilt squares are excitingly graphic but with lots of intricate detail.

These men's jackets are fantastic.

Crochet amazing!

I have to admit something a little embarrassing...  I included this really intricate, adorable, and symbolic quilt especially because it reminded me of Ysolda.  Yes, I have a total knit-crush on her.  What!  You do, too.  She's an amazing knitter.  I want to make all her designs.  I wish my photos showed this quilt better. 

Thanks for reading my blog. :)