Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Little Black Myrtle Hack

I made another Myrtle dress, this time in a plain, black, rayon jersey from JoAnn's.  I have to admit, though I love prints and color, that this dress is easy to wear a lot.  I wanted to try slimming down the bodice and an idea I had for the back.  I re-traced the pattern in the smallest size and compared it to my "sexy fit" T block, example here.  I left it with a bit more room than the T for some blousey effect.  I wish I'd added length to the skirt, though I did cut the skirt at the length for the largest size. 
This shot is the build-up...  I'm turning...  Wait for it...

Here's the back.  Ok, I know it's hard to see in the black from a distance.   I fixed something that I didn't like in the original and added a cut-out, which I love. 
I didn't like how the back neck and armholes are just turned and hemmed.  I found that difficult to do nicely.  My solution was to use two back pieces that overlap from the armholes up.  Then below the arm holes each piece is cut on a diagonal to the waist.  All the edges are then enclosed nicely except for the two straight edges of the diagonal, which are easy to hem or finish with a band.  It leaves a little peep of low back and adds some ventilation for hot summer days.  I love this simple hack and plan to make several more Myrtles like this. 

 Here are my accessories.  These pictures are from HI, after all.  Tropical!
And... I'm a Tiger.  This one's for you, Kurt.