Monday, December 14, 2015

Felicity Separates

Here is the first Felicity I made.  I already blogged my second version here.  I love this outfit and wore it a lot all summer. 
 I used a red polka dot grey chambray from Gertie's line for Joann's.  I like it, but it does love to wrinkle.  I finished the edges and trimmed the skirt waistband with purchased red bias tape.  I don't recall which size I made, but I followed the sizing chart. 

The twirly circle skirt is really fun and surprisingly perfect for biking. 

 Surprise!  It's separates.  I made the bodice first as a wearable muslin after my first true muslin and an FBA.  Then it came out so well,  I decided to make up the matching skirt. 

I love that they are separates.  I like the skirt with a black or navy T-shirt.  The top is cute with the shorts from my last post.  The red and grey reversible bag from that pot is perfect with it, too. 
Here's a flat shot to show the polka dots. 
I love this pattern, and I expect to make it man more times.  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chataigne Shorts

 Hello, blog!  Before I got completely consumed by school this summer, I did quite a bit of summer sewing.  I'm on a short vacation on Kauai right now, camera in hand, so I figure it's a great opportunity to blog some of these old projects.  
First up, I have my first pair of Chataigne Shorts from Deer and Doe and another Maria of Denmark Kimono Tee, modified like my last one.  Here's some photos, front, side, and back: 

I used a red, bottom-weight cotton for the shorts and an anchor print jersey for the shirt, both from Joann's.  I made the shorts so long ago, the details are fuzzy.  I don't recall which size I made, but I do believe I had to bring in the back waistband.  I also added patch pockets under the flaps in the back.  In future iterations I extended the inseam a bit right at the crotch, front and back.  This pair is perfect once they stretch out with some wear, but they are a bit tight up in there right out of the wash. 

I also made a matching beach bag out of the same red cotton and some grey from my stash.  It's a free pattern from Very Purple Person.  I really like this bag, and I've made it several times now. 
 Yep, reversible -- here's the grey color.
 Here's some flat shots of the shorts.  I apologize that they are completely un-ironed.  Vacation.  Also, I meant to crop my feet out of these photos, oh well.  The contrast lining for the yoke and pockets is from an old shirt that could not be salvaged as a shirt but had nice embroidered fabric.  Maybe you can't tell, but I got the point on the yoke nice and even, thanks to Leah.  I picked this pattern specifically to practice the V yoke for one of the looks in my collection.  On the shirt I cut the neck a little deeper and gathered it with some pretty buttons. 

 And here it all is out in the wild.  Aloha!