Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rite of Spring Shorts

Aloha!  Ok... I started this post on vacation.  I've been home for quite some time now, but let's just roll with these pictures from tropical paradise. 

I tried the Rite of Spring Shorts again.  Somehow I had thought this pattern was already fitted and ready to just sew up.  Then, as I tried on the shorts in progress, I suddenly recalled that I had done lots of on-the-fly alterations to make the first pair fit at all.  This pair turned out huge.  Upon checking my pattern pieces and reviewing the size chart, I determined that I had cut a size too big to start with.
If you look closely at that back view you can see where I took in the back with two long seams.  I removed about 8 inches before I attached the waistband.  You can see that the fit through the crotch back and front is still problematic.  My biggest issue is that when I walk the shorts shift back so I have a baggy butt and camel toe effect up front.  No!!!  I will try detaching a bit of the waistband in front so I can shorten the front crotch length.  I really like the idea of these shorts and will continue to work with this pattern. 

I made the top for my show. I'm pretty sure that link won't work.  I'll try to update it at some point with a better link.  The bow is designed to cover your bra strap.  You can buckle your bra right through the "knot" to keep it in place.  Here's some pictures of my lovely friend Kelly modeling this top with different shorts on the runway.
Here's some flat shots of the shorts.  Oh, yes, I added a little wedge of contrast fabric to accentuate those flattering design lines in the front.  I love how that turned out with the turquoise piping. 
And here's the beach, just for fun.  Mahalo!