Monday, November 7, 2016

Summer Flashback

Who is behind on projects to blog?  Me?  Maybe... 
Here's another set of matching separates from the summer. 
It's the same top as the one at the bottom of this post, modified from my raglan peasant top, which I still haven't blogged.  I used the decorative edge of the fabric for all hems.  Not much else to say, except that it's too bad the ruffle is caught up on one side in all these pictures. 

Stylist!?  Why is my ruffle tucked under?  Haha!
The bottoms are the Winslow culottes.  I just gathered them instead of pleating to match the top.  They are also shorter than the shortest size, just like my first pair.  You can see here in my cutting layout that I had a fabric challenge.  I love fabrics with an eyelet border, and I bought this piece off Ebay for a song.  It was 17" wide and about seven yards long, maybe longer.  What to do with it?  I was a bit stumped until Helen put out the Winslow pattern.  I wasn't interested in  skirt that's 17" long, but I'm happy to wear shorts that length.  I was most concerned about the edging being nice around the hem, so I sacrificed the pockets and cut each leg out in one piece.  You can see, maybe, in the picture above how I overlapped the pattern pieces.  Other pattern changes were the same as my test pair -- lengthening the back piece at the crotch and shortening the center front seam by 1" at the waist.
 I didn't think to get a close-up of my accessories, but I'm wearing a pair of boots that belonged to my friend's mom in the 70's.  I love that!
Can you see the feather earrings my friend made me?
I definitely wear this set mostly as separates.  The top is cute with jeans.  I wear the culottes with my navy version of this top.  It's fun, though, to put together an over the top outfit for running around a festival.  I love playing hippy princess!

When I go to music festivals, I do like to see all the shows, but... the most fun part for me is playing dress up for the weekend with my girlfriends.  We all bring our most fun, crazy clothes, and we hang them up to share.  I also find it really freeing when I sew.  I can try a crazy fabric or experiment with a new shape in old quilting cotton scraps, and I know I'll at least be able to wear it at a festival and be far from the wildest dressed reveler. 

Pretty Princess Party Palace
We had a great time this year!  I took these pictures at Summer Meltdown. I wore this outfit to watch the Shook Twins perform.
Happy summer memories!