Monday, August 13, 2012

Back on topic

Pucon is a good town for knitting.

There's lots of yarn, knitting, and weaving! The yarn I saw was all hand spun and hand dyed. Many were single-ply and some 2-plied. I always like the natural wool from colored sheep, too. Do you see the crazy art-yarn in the last picture? Wild!
There are arcades like this full of artisans and their crafts all over the city. Here's another day's adventure:

Dublin helped me pick out some yarn to teach her and her mom how to knit. Her mom is making fingerless gloves out of the pretty pink in the second picture. I chose the soft, 2-ply natural brown Dublin is holding in the second-to-last picture. Dublin picked a cheery variegated for her scarf. She was a fun student!
Kurt and I stopped into her parents' cafe pretty much every day.

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ZanneQ said...

Love it! Just drooling over all the amazing yarn and colors! What fun! Have you met any local knitters, spinners, dyers, weavers or fiber farmers?