Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blue Dress

 Here's another sweater and dress combo.  Did I mention that one of the reason's I've wanted to start sewing is so that I can make outfits that utilize all the sweaters I've made?  This sweater hasn't seen much use yet, though I made it about two years ago.  It's the Argo by Svetlana Volkova.  Darn it, why did I change the cute pockets??? My man convinced me that they'd be unflattering.  At least I still have pockets!  I also added the belt.  I knit it lengthwise and didn't bother calculating an intended length at all, so it's quite long.  I like it well enough tied in a bow. The yarn is a delicious wool/silk tweed that languished in my stash for far too long, Queensland Collection Kathmandu.
And here's the strip tease....

 Ta da!  Here's the dress I made.  It's blue.  It's a cotton-spandex jersey version of the Maria of Denmark Kimono Tee, cut down a little slimmer and attached at the waist to a simple straight skirt.  
This is a great, easy dress to have.  I've been wearing it every laundry cycle.  More, please!

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