Monday, May 30, 2016

Blue Shift

Did anyone read my last post and think, "Loose silhouette?  What is she talking about?"  Haha, baby steps!  Here's the next iteration. 
There's some extra pictures because I can't decide how I feel about this style.  Opinions?  Feedback so far has been "elegant".  That's nice... but wearing it I feel like I'm in a hospital gown. 
 This is a navy blue rayon challis.  I ironed it immediately before these pictures!  It wrinkled that much just from leaning over to put my shoes on.  Oh, well.  It's finished with store bought bias tape turned to the inside and top stitched. 
 Some of these pictures are more flattering than others.  The side view is perhaps not the prettiest part of this dress. 

Less flattering

I added a rouleau strap across the deep scoop back.
Ok, I'll put my hands down and let the dress just hang ...

Here it is with a belt.  I think my stylist could have stepped in here to arrange the poof better. ;)

If you noticed that the busted darts looked a bit high in some photos above, 
it's because the dress tends to slide back.  Wardrobe malfunction! 
I considered several solutions to keep it in place and not show my bra.   I think the simplest is the most effective -- little safety pins through my bra straps at the shoulders.

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